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Removing a large Eucalyptus tree

A fast growing tree such as a Eucalyptus can quickly become a nuisance.
Removing a large eucalytpus tree in Watford for a domestic client.

This large eucalyptus tree was quickly outgrowing its space. The owners hadn’t appreciated just how fast this species grew when they originally planted it. Eucalyptus is a broadleaved tree that retains its leaves all year round. This along with its striking bark makes it quite a popular choice with homeowners and can be found frequently in back gardens throughout the UK.

Fast-growing trees can be a blessing at times when a quick screen is needed, but in the majority of smaller UK gardens, it can quickly become a drain on finances due to the maintenance required to keep this species of tree at a manageable size. The regrowth you would typically expect following pruning will always grow quicker than the original growth. Therefore any pruning work begins an ongoing cycle of maintenance. We would advise against planting Eucalyptus unless the tree is in a larger garden, or in a space where it can otherwise be left to grow to its natural size.

Removal of a large Eucalyptus tree in Watford.

The tree was successfully removed with the stump due to be ground out at a later date.

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