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Garden Clearance in Harrow

Care needs to be taken to avoid over-planting a garden with fast growing trees and shrubs.
Garden clearance in Harrow.

Our client in Harrow had a garden that had been over-planted by the previous occupant. What once was a decent-sized plot had become almost a woodland setting over time rather than a neatly kept back garden.

T’s Trees were contracted to clear the site of most of the vegetation, leaving just a few of the nicer trees at the far end of the garden, along with several fruit trees.

Overgrown garden in Harrow prior to clearance works commencing.

As can be seen from the above image, even the garden boundaries weren’t clear before work commenced, and a fair amount of crawling through the undergrowth had taken place during the quotation stage to ensure we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves in for.

There was a large selection of different trees to be removed. All waste was removed from site as well as stumps ground out ready for the customer to landscape the garden.

Removal of the trees also exposed a very aged fence which was replaced with a brand new one by specialist fencing and landscaping contractors Greenscape Gardening.

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