Crown Reduction Services in Hemel Hempstead

T’s Trees offer a professional tree maintenance and tree care service.

Do you have a tree on your property blocking out too much natural light? Then our tree crown reduction services are the answer.

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At T’s Trees, we can reduce the height and the width of the crown of your tree (the main structure of the tree). We only recommend crown reductions where a tree has outgrown its space and the only alternative would be it’s removal. Reducing a tree in such a manner helps to keep established and mature trees growing without our built-up urban environments.

We can help make your tree look aesthetically pleasing while retaining an even and balanced shape. When done correctly, mature trees can be retained in a safe manner, and with regular inspections and repeat pruning, they can continue to provide greenery and shade throughout the summer months.

Why Choose T’s Tree?

At T’s Trees, we have a fantastic team of knowledgeable and experienced tree-cutting specialists. We only use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure the job is safely and efficiently completed. Every team member has received the proper training and qualifications to provide quality tree maintenance services in Hemel Hempstead.

The cost of tree crowning can be expensive, so we are committed to providing the best and most competitive prices in the Hemel Hempstead area. Our crown services always take into consideration the surrounding environment; we take extra care to ensure that the process is done with the least amount of disruption to the natural environment.

Benefits of crown reductions:

• Increased safety:
Removing dead and dying branches helps to reduce the risk of limb failure during storms.

• Aesthetics:
Trees don’t always grow in a perfect shape, and under some circumstances, it can be preferential to carry out a reduction in order to create symmetry in the crown of a tree. This could be for a number of reasons including re-balancing after storm damage. 

• Prevention of failure:
In some cases pruning or reducing larger limbs is carried out due to the presence of decay or other structural damage. A thorough tree inspection will generally determine if there is a need for a heavy reduction on the grounds of safety.

• Improved air quality:
The alternative to a crown reduction is often the complete removal of a tree or trees. It is therefore important to the air quality within urban environments to maintain trees wherever possible.

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