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Storm clearance tree work in Watford

A selection of emergency storm clearance tree work in and around Watford.
Storm clearance tree work in Watford.

When storm Eunice hit Watford on the 17th of February 2022, T’s Trees were well prepared. Our teams had been busy servicing machinery, sharpening saws, and generally making sure everything was in pristine working order and ready to go in the event of any call-outs.

The forecast didn’t disappoint, and the winds arrived right on cue with almost immediate damage becoming evident. We had already informed our regular domestic and commercial clients that we would be available for 24-hour call-outs, which in turn gave them peace of mind knowing we would be on hand to assist with any downed trees.

One of our first jobs was to make safe a fallen limb that was lodged in another tree and directly overhanging a well-used public footpath.


Removal of a fallen tree limb overhanging a public footpath.


Next up we had a tree limb that had fallen across a main road in Watford. Our main priority was to clear the road and make the general area safe, although there would be some work required at a later date to the tree itself.

Windblown trees in Watford following a recent storm.

Our day stayed busy all the way though and we ended up working into the night. The Police beat us to the job this time and took care of the traffic control whilst we cleared the road of a fallen tree. Thankfully no one was hurt in any of these incidents.

emergency removal of storm damaged tree

Another large tree had fallen and blocked a main road through Watford. Once again, the priority was clearing the road so traffic could flow freely again.

Clearing roads into the night.