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Tree Surgeon Services

Tstrees provide the following Tree Surgeon Services and other related maintenance. If you have something that needs doing and isnt on our services list, please get in touch

01. Services

tree pruning

Our tree Pruning options:
Crown lifting.
Formative Pruning.
Deadwood removal.
Crown thinning.
Crown Clean-outs (including the removal of broken stubs not inhabited by wildlife), deadwood and any rubbish blown into the tree canopy).
Light prune backs from buildings, street furniture and other infrastructure.
Crown Re-shaping.
Crown reductions.
Pollarding / re- pollarding operations.
02. Services

tree removal

Clear felling.
Sectional felling and dismantling.
Technical rigging operations.
Stump treatment.
Stump Grinding.
03. Services

hedge shrub & fruit tree maintenance

Re-shaping of box type hedges.
Bringing outgrown hedges down to a more manageable height.
Complete hedge/ stump removal and replanting with a more suitable species.
Pruning and re-shaping of all fruit trees.
Selecting, sourcing and supplying new specimen trees for clients.
Instant hedge planting Tree Planting.

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